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Blogs in March 2018

While the up-front costs may be intense, setting up a smart home can save you money over time by lowering your electricity bill. Learn how from Mr. Electric.

One of the most talked about trends in homes and businesses, installing smart home systems to lower electricity bills can really payoff. Though ‘smart’ devices cost about 30-50 percent more than their technologically deficient counterparts, investing in smart home systems offer a rapid return-on...Read more

Curious about how to install a smart lighting system? Wondering what equipment you need and how long it will take? Get tips from the pros at Mr. Electric!

Today's homeowners want to make their homes as convenient as possible.  At Mr. Electric we know smart lighting offers a multitude of benefits in addition to convenience such as improved security, money savings, a better night's sleep, and interior spaces that are more inviting in terms of visual...Read more

Does my home need a lightning rod? We hear this question a lot, and it depends on a few variables. Let the experts at Mr. Electric help you decide.

Does my house need a lightning rod? We hear this question a lot, and the answer is not always cut and dry. In this installment, we’ll examine the variables, helping you determine whether or not your home may be in need of lighting protection.

How Lighting Rods Work...Read more